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Household building materials consumption trends in 2016


In 2016, the building materials furniture market situation?This is the problem concerned by the whole industry, summing up the experience of the 2015, and actively planning the 2015 action plan, need to realize the domestic building materials market trends in 2016?How to do market planning in 2016?

First, the consumers into the era of full participation
Consumers more tends to rational consumption, they are increasingly pay attention to their engagement.Today regardless of consumption is not enterprise products to consumers, consumers are no longer passive, they hope to dialogue with building materials enterprises at any time, and do not believe in authority, more believe that intuition and word of mouth, it indicates the time has come for a unity of production and sales.
Second, the new healthy consumption rise
Nearly period of chai jing fog haze of investigation, the public environmental protection is becoming more and more attention, green consumption is more and more become a kind of trend, sharp increase consumer awareness of health, for the concept of green, environmental protection building materials product more love, establish the brand image of healthy environmental protection building materials enterprises will bring more opportunities for building materials market products.A new ceramic tile are also adjust their production mode, energy conservation and emissions reduction, upgrade technology.
Third, common a refined, sophisticated life trend
To consumers in the present stage of building materials, does not necessarily buy high-end brand building materials product decorators can now display own a refined, sophisticated life, but a little effort can get your want a refined, sophisticated life space, such as a beautiful and comfortable home decorating, as long as you have originality, anything is possible.Because now we all know, in fact, the so-called famous brand and famous brand, is played much advertisement, product quality is about the same.     
Because of this a new common household consumption market in China, through building materials product can satisfy the consumer psychology of middle income but the pursuit of fashion, at the same time in accordance with their buying power building materials market.Household high-end brand Will compete in the high and low ends, to meet the tide of "the refinement", high-end household brand must adjust the corresponding marketing strategy, meet the next step of building materials market consumption products.To the ceramic tile has been into the perfection of products, cost-effective perfection, meet the needs of the consumers.
Fourth, the consumer pursue new sense creed and brand experience
Now, into the brand experience shop, to participate in the activities of the experience of enterprises become the consumer to understand the important action of household, at the same time, the furniture store terminal one design for the meaning of brand is becoming more and more prominent.To the ceramic tile stores "two hall solution" terminal display, various kinds of ceramic tile, let consumer pursuit of sensory experience.
In the face of consumer trend in the future, building materials household enterprises face the transformation, the change of consumption idea, the enterprise products, services, experience design requirements more and more strict, believes that 2016 will cause the ceramic tile of continuous efforts toward those goals.