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2016 innovation under the new normal of China building ceramic spring in where?


In the national science and technology innovation conference soon after, he said to the scientific and technological innovation on the more important position, the forefront of world science and technology, economic area and the major national requirements, to speed up the every field of science and technology innovation, to grasp the global science and technology competition advantage.Xi jinping, laid the important position of scientific and technological innovation, and the strength of the science and technology innovation ability, the future will also affect the state, enterprises and individuals.

Traditional Chinese building ceramic industry to "highly polluting, energy intensive and highly polluting" backward impression, how to get rid of the "three highs" hat has long been a problem concerned by many healthyenterprise ceramic industry.Since last year, several major ceramic production areas, more and more strict to the requirement of environmental protection have issued a series of policy changes and even forced to shut down some do not conform to the national environmental protection standard of enterprise.Mr Xi's speech again let us think deeply ceramic, the future China JianTaoYe spring in where?

Xi jinping, put forward three direction of innovation, points out the direction of the future China building ceramic, which is what we in spring.In the future, Chinese building ceramic three direction must be adapt to scientific and technological innovation, in line with the world technological frontier, key battleground for economy and meet the demand of national major.

How to successfully meet the three direction, truly conforms to the national science and technology innovation strategy, it is our the whole ceramic industry top priority in the future.Eliminate backward production capacity, saving energy consumption, improve energy recycling and waste recycle...This series of the direction of the ceramic industry in steady progress, and ceramic plate is shouldering the historical responsibility, and achieved excellent results.

Ceramic plate is a new type of green environmental protection building materials, is China's JianTaoYe direct embodiment of innovation of science and technology.Ceramic plate, compared with other category save more than 60% of the raw material resources, reduce comprehensive energy consumption by more than 50%, no matter from the raw material usage, to the energy consumption in the process of production, are well realize the material saving, energy saving low carbon target.

Throughout the history of Chinese ceramics thin plate, the ceramic plate category of embryonic development and rise, inseparable from the ceramic plate category the main promoter of guangdong Mona Lisa new materials group co., LTD. (sheet) Mona Lisa, is shouldering the burden of the whole of China ceramic sheet business, at the same time we also cannot ignore another focus, concentration and ceramic plate in the field of guangxi new Goldman sachs thin ceramic co., LTD. (LA 'BOBO ceramic sheet).Two companies have entered China ceramic plate in this area, and successively in different years launched their own core technology, reached the world advanced level of the products at the same time.

After 10 years of development, China's ceramic sheet career breakthrough achievements and honors, is China's building ceramic category one of the most innovative technology content category, and is currently the world's advanced level of ceramic category.Sheet in 28 last month, for example, the Mona Lisa is the first domestic 1200 x2400mmx5. 5 mm large size dry pressing ceramic plate, ceramic plate made new breakthroughs, so to speak.China ceramic sheet complies with the forefront of world science and technology, xi jinping, puts forward the innovation of science and technology direction.

In 10 years of development, China ceramic plate, also started the world silk road from foshan to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and other places.LA 'BOBO plate, for example, after 10 years of sedimentation and development, has been back to the domestic market from foreign markets.In foreign markets, LA 'BOBO sheet in addition to the ceramic world power in Italy, Spain has its own distribution system, and in the UK, Germany, the United States, Japan and other places also built the marketing network, and success in the United Kingdom held a LA' BOBO sheet 2013 first launch.Since 2004, the Spanish ceramic sheet is to the market, in 2007 to more than 70% of the European ceramic brand has a ceramic plate, to 2009 ceramic plate has occupied a large market.Data from the above we can conclude that the ceramic plate this category is conform to the xi's second big direction: science and technology innovation oriented economy key battleground.

As countries around the city grows, public facilities construction is faced with upgrade, green building is the national mainstream direction in the future, green new building materials is also great demand state.Ceramic plate, sheet from the beginning of the Mona Lisa, LA 'BOBO plate, after 10 years of development now has a new source, Jin Haida, ranging in Po (L&B), milk, booz beauty, TOTO, Locke nearly 20 brands such as production, research and development and sales, at the same time, the production line of the national ceramic plate production capacity has reached 17 lines above forecast in 50 million ㎡.Believe that the numerous ceramic sheet brands combined major national requirements must be able to bear the burden.

From the perspective of the scientific and technological innovation in the three directions of xi jinping pointed out, and the future of Chinese ceramic industry science and technology innovation burden by ceramic sheet this category shoulder, explore a road to China ceramic powers.